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Shock Test Machine

Shock Test Machine

Pneumatic Shock Test Machine is a versatile test equipment to carry out shock test in accordance with various IS, DIN, EN, ISO, MIL, DEF, ASTM and IEC standards. The machine is used in product qualification testing, transient analysis of structures or models and fatigue tests on sub systems and parts with an object to determine their suitability under the SHOCK environment and to assess their structural integrity.

The machine is fabricated with Mild steel of a very robust design to provide necessary mechanical strength and rigidness. The structure is having a mass to generate energy so that no additional ballast is required. The Shock Platform is made of Aluminium and has stainless steel threaded inserts to mount test objects. The machine produces the shock pulses using compressed air to force the platform to impact on the elastomer pads (Half-Sine Programmer Pads) which are placed between the platform and anvil of the impact area to produce half-sine pulses, Lead pellets are placed to generate sawtooth pulses and pneumatic cylinders are used to generate square pulses. The drop height and the air pressure are responsible to generate the desired acceleration. The different design of the half sine, sawtooth and square wave pulse programmers are used to get the desired pulse shape and pulse duration.

The platform is supported and guided by the LB RODS to maintain its balance. The lifting of the platform is done by pneumatic cylinders, the drop height is determined by the desired acceleration level. In a shock test due to the rebounce action secondary shocks may occur, which are totally unacceptable by most of the test standards. Fail safe brakes are used as a rebounce brake and as a quick release device to avoid secondary and tertiary shocks. The shock test machine is isolated from the ground by heavy duty shockers and shock absorbers and hence does not require any special foundation other than industrial grade flooring. The Shock test machine is supported by a PC based intelligent Instrumentation system to control, monitor and analyse acquired shock test waveforms. The system has 4 channels to monitor the shock pulses generated which are expandable up to 16 channels.

Salient Features :

  • Heavy duty structure
  • Adjustable drop height
  • Acceleration and pulse duration is adjustable
  • Pneumatic operation with low maintenance requirement
  • Fail safe brakes for no Secondary or Tertiary Shocks
  • Shock Test in accordance with IS, IEC, MIL-810,ASTM etc
  • PC based control, monitoring and waveform analysis
  • Shock Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Ground is Isolated from shocks generated
  • Various safety interlocks for safe operation