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High Force Series Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System

High Force Series Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System

High Force Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System are vibration generating equipment, having wide frequency range providing a worthwhile testing environment for sinusoidal, shock and random vibration analysis in Automotive parts and system qualification testing, Avionics and military hardware testing, Satellite component testing, Product development & reliability, Telecom, Automobiles Industries, Stress screening and R&D laboratories etc as per relevant ISO, IECJSS 55555, MIL and other international Standards.

'Tarang' make Electrodynamic Vibration shaker system has a platform rigidly connected with a Drive Coil (Armature) positioned in DC magnetic field excited by AC signal generated by Digital Power Amplifier. When AC current flows in the drive coil, a force are generated which moves drive coil and attached platform vertically. This vibratory force is applied on the objects/specimens mounted on Shaker platform. This force can be used in the horizontal direction as well with the help of a slip table attachment. `Tarang' make Armature assembly utilize modern armature suspension systems which is Rolling strut type featuring low transverse motion. Reinforced SS inserts are provided on Armature platform to hold specimen/object to be tested.

The Digital Power Amplifier is a MOSFET/IGBT based Modular Type Class-D Switching to drive Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System with high reliability, excellent durability and direct coupling to Shaker. Digital Amplifier Controller is a touch screen based very user-friendly interface equipped with self diagnostic and protection features such as cooling check, current supply check, field supply check etc. to avoid damage to Power Amplifier, Shaker and testing object due to malfunctioning or mis-operation. It generates the signal to drive the Power Modules and to give output to the Armature Coil.

The Digital Vibration controller is used to simulate actual field vibration conditions at test laboratory in a controlled manner so as to reproduce the same vibration atmosphere but ensuring safety of device/object under test. Sinusoidal, shock, random and complex sinu-random vibration environment can be simulated using different software methodologies on the any Standard Digital Vibration Controller providing sinusoidal sweep, shock and random vibration test :

Salient Features :

  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Force rating from 3000Kgf to 7000Kgf
  • High performance armature
  • Touch Screen based Digital Amplifier Controller
  • High Signal to noise ratio
  • Efficiency is greater than 90%
  • Robust rolling strut suspension
  • Trunion mounted shaker for easy integration with slip table
  • Modular in design for easy and quick operation
  • Various safety interlocks for safe operation
  • Auto Centring of Armature
  • Compatible with all worldwide controllers
  • Option for Chamber integration